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Let's Talk: Home Dialysis


The Let’s Talk: Home Dialysis conversation cards were created by patients to help patients and caregivers initiate and maintain dialogue about home dialysis treatment options. The cards can be used by patients and their caregivers to think about their lifestyle preferences with other patients in a group setting or in a one-on-one conversation. They are designed to be printed double-sided on card stock in color or black and white (grayscale).

Let’s Talk: Home Dialysis Conversation Cards

Discussion Notes

What’s Included in One Deck?  

  • One card with instructions
  • Five discussion topics — one information card and four questions in each topic
  • Two cards with online resources and additional information
  • Two cards with tips from patients who use home dialysis 

Tips for Printing and Assembling the Deck

  • Use heavier paper like card stock
    • Choose the type of card stock you prefer, such as matte or gloss
    • Select the best type of paper that will work for your printer
    • Standard copy paper is not recommended, unless that is the only option
  • To print the cards:
    • Print double-sided (on both sides on the paper)
      • Select to flip the page on the long edge
    • Cards will require five sheets of paper to print
    • There are six cards per page of paper
  • Print in color if possible. The deck can also be printed in grayscale.
  • Cut the cards
  • Organize the cards by the number on the lower corner.
  • If using a professional printing service to print the cards, ask the printer to:
    • Help you determine your total print quantity, for example:
      • One deck is 10 impressions
      • Five decks are 50 impressions
    • Print the cards on 80# cover stock
      • Choose the type of paper you prefer, such as matte or coated gloss
    • Print double sided
    • Cut the cards
      • Final card production size is 4.25”x 3.66”
    • Collate the cards by the number on the lower corner

Using the Discussion Notes

The Discussion Notes sheet matches the conversation cards categories. The instructions in the conversation cards ask the individual considering home dialysis to write down their answers. 

  • Give one copy of the Discussion Notes sheet to each person who is answering questions from the conversation cards.
  • People are encouraged to share the answers written down on the Discussion Notes sheet with a member of their care team. Some examples might be a nephrologist (kidney doctor), primary care doctor, nurse, or social worker.

How Was Your Experience?

Please email the National Coordinating Center (NCC) at if you, or someone you shared these materials with, had a meaningful conversation or a good experience because of them. It helps the NCC measure the impact of these patient-designed materials.