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Let's Talk: Home Dialysis


The Let’s Talk: Home Dialysis conversation cards were created by patients to help patients and caregivers initiate and maintain dialogue about home dialysis treatment options. The cards can be used by patients and their caregivers to think about their lifestyle preferences with other patients in a group setting or in a one-on-one conversation. They are designed to be printed double-sided on card stock in color or black and white (grayscale).

Let’s Talk: Home Dialysis Conversation Cards

Discussion Notes

Printing Let's Talk: Home Dialysis Conversation Cards and Using the Discussion Notes

Five Easy Steps for Using the Conversation Cards

  • Step 1: Print the cards using double-sided card stock.
  • Step 2: Print the Discussion Notes.
  • Step 3: Give one set of cards and one set of Discussion Notes to each interested patient.
  • Step 4: Encourage patients to read the "How to Use" guidelines on the second card of the COnversation Card deck.
  • Step 5: Schedule and appointment with the patient to begin the conversation. Use the information the patient wrote on the Discussion Notes as a starting point for your conversation.

What’s Included in One Deck?  

  • One card with instructions
  • Five discussion topics — one information card and four questions in each topic
  • Two cards with online resources and additional information
  • Two cards with tips from patients who use home dialysis 

How Was Your Experience?

Please email the National Coordinating Center (NCC) at if you, or someone you shared these materials with, had a meaningful conversation or decided to choose home dialysis treatment because of them. It helps the NCC measure the impact of these patient-designed materials.