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National Patient and Family Engagement LAN (NPFE-LAN)


The NPFE-LAN works with ESRD patients, family members, and care givers, to bring the patients point of view to the kidney community. The patient voice helps drive quality improvement.

A LAN brings people together to solve a shared problem on a large scale. Everyone in the LAN has an equal voice. In the NPFE-LAN, patients can share their stories, new ideas, and ways to improve how things work so patients get better care; everyone benefits. Within the LAN, members participate in smaller teams called Affinity Groups. An Affinity Group is a small group of people who share the same interest or goal.

Volunteer with the ESRD NCC

Learn all about how you can volunteer with the NPFE-LAN!

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NPFE-LAN Outcomes

Check out the resources and tools our NPFE-LAN has adapted and collected to help improve the quality of care for the ESRD community.

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