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Government Grants


These grants are offered by your local, state, and federal government. They help fund projects that benefit the economy, public services, and education. Most them are reserved for universities, researchers, and non-profit organizations; however, some may accept applications from individuals. Read the requirements and see if one of these might apply to you.

Here are some websites that offer information on government grants.

This site has information to help you determine if you are eligible to apply for, and receive, a government grant.

This site offers help with the application process.

This site has step-by-step instructions and videos about registering, applying and tracking your grant on

Confused about some of the terms used in the grants application process? Here you can find the meanings for many of the terms used when applying for a grant.

Here you can learn more about the grant writing process including information about developing and writing your proposal, creating a budget as well as additional resources provided by the University of North Carolina's Writing Center.

Use the University of North Carolina’s Writing Center site to learn:

  • More about the grant writing process.
  • How to develop and write your proposal.
  • How to create a budget.

 Additional writing resources can be found there, as well.

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides valuable resources, as well.

Preparing a budget for project is often a key step and part of the grant writing process. This site provides help with budget preparation.

Many grants require you to provide statistics that describe those served by a proposal. This highlights the importance of your proposed project. These websites that can be used to find statistics to support a grant proposal.